Frustrated by a cyclist hogging the lane? Unhappy with an army boy sitting on the reserved seat? Angry with your private-hire driver? Take a picture. Record them. Make them famous.
Inspired by real-life incidents, Hope Singapore presents ‘Viral‘ – a comedy-drama that takes a witty look into some of Singapore’s most trending stories. This Easter, discover the truths behind the unforgiving world of the internet.

With social media being an indispensable part of our lives, we are often too quick to whip out our phones to capture a moment and make it viral.

Perhaps what that person did was wrong or perhaps things are not what they seem on the surface. Maybe, if we were to pause, understand and extend forgiveness— the forgiveness that was so graciously given to us by God despite our sinfulness, we would bring others a step closer to knowing who He is.

This Easter, let’s remember the true reason and #makeforgivenessviral

Christians all over the world sing about the resurrection of Christ. But have we ever pondered the significance of this event?

This Easter, examine the eyewitness accounts of the risen Christ and discover why we can be confident of our beliefs and transformed by our faith.