Title: Filling the Open Chair
Text: Luke 14:15-24

What are the attitudes we should have when inviting people to the feast in God’s kingdom?

Perspective Questions:

  1. What kinds of excuses do people  usually make when rejecting God’s invitation to the heavenly banquet? Why do you think they make such excuses? What do you think are their concerns or fears behind the excuses?

Application Questions:

  1. Like the servant in the parable, we may face rejections when we invite people to know the love of Jesus. How can we still be relentless in inviting people?

  2. What are some concerns or fears that may be holding us back from calling people to the heavenly feast? How can we go all out to persuade people to participate in God’s great banquet?

God has planned a great celebration in His Kingdom for all and He has put us in-charge of the invitations!
Learn how we can make space in our hearts and life groups for more people to experience God.

Just as how Jesus sent His disciples to preach the Gospel, He is sending us out to our schools and neighbourhoods. Learn how we can make a lasting impact in the community God has placed us in!

God is a global God who loves and redeems globally. Discover how can we can be a church that is readily activated to go and reach the world for Christ.

Title: Fulfil God’s Mission For The World
Series: Church On The Go
Text: Romans 15:15-22

How can we participate in God’s mission for the world?

Perspective Questions:

  1. Paul saw himself as a minister of Christ who was given the “priestly duty” (Romans 5:16) of sharing the Gospel of Christ to the Gentiles. Believers are also called priests (1 Peter 2:9). How would seeing yourself as a minister change the way you make decisions or realign your priorities?

  2. God’s grace powered Paul “to be a minister of Christ Jesus to the Gentiles” (Romans 15:6). Jesus also equipped ordinary fishermen to be His disciples. What would help you to depend on God to do what He has called you to do?

  3. Paul’s lifelong ambition was to “preach the Gospel where Christ was not known” (Romans 15:20). How is Paul’s ambition different from the ambition of those who are hungry for success or fame in the world? What can we learn from Paul’s ambition and apply it to our own goals?  

Application Questions:

  1. What is holding you back from going on a Short Term Mission (STM) trip? Will you pray and fast with your mentor to ask God to guide you in exploring a STM trip in the next 12 months?

  2. Take a look at the countries listed in Joshua Project’s 10/40 Window that have significant unreached people groups. Which country/countries stand out to you? Besides praying, what is one or two things we can do to advance the Gospel in these countries?

The unreached and unengaged people groups are within our neighbourhoods. Will you open your hearts and eyes to these groups of people?

Title: Look Far – God’s Heart for the Nations
Series: Neighbours to Nations
Text: Revelation 5:9-10

God’s heart is for people of all nations to come into a faith relationship with Him. How can we participate in this global purpose of God?

General Questions:

  1. Have you been involved in global missions in any way, either long or short term, directly or indirectly? What are your experiences like? What motivates you to want to be involved in missions?

Perspective Questions:

  1. If not for missionaries who took the step of faith to come to Singapore since the 1800s, Christianity would not have reached and stayed on Singapore’s shores. What should our response be to God who placed a tiny country like Singapore into the hearts of many of His faithful followers, such that they would leave their homelands and travel round the globe to share the love of Jesus with the people here? What can we learn from their examples?

  2. What are some fears or concerns that believers may have that hinder them from getting involved in missions?

  3. The missions field is full of happy stories of people coming to know God and also sad tales of people rejecting or leaving God. How does knowing that God is on the throne (Rev 5:1) help us to face the triumphs and tragedies we see on the missions field?

Application Questions:

  1. What are various ways you and your LG can be involved in missions? What are the practical steps that you want to take to prepare yourself or start to get involved? 

God has a great purpose for us on earth; one that includes nothing less than the world. Discover how God’s heart for all people will impact the way we respond to individuals who look, talk and live differently from us.

Series: Not Done Yet – Focus Series 3
Title: Set Apart For God’s Glory
Text: John 17:13-19

God has sent us into the world to glorify Him by being His witness. Find out how we can rely on God more and how He has set us apart for His mission.

General Questions:

  1. Just as Jesus was sent into the world by the Father, we as His followers are also sent into the world. What is this mission that we have been given by Christ to do in the world?

Perspective Questions:

  1. Do we find ourselves struggling to relate with pre-believers and building genuine relationships with them? What are some of these struggles?

  2. What are some temptations that arise from our interactions with the world?

  3. Besides temptations to commit outward acts of sin, interactions with the world can also subtly influence our values and perceptions of life. What are some values of the world that we need to be wary of?

Application Questions:

  1. What are some practical ways that we can build and maintain a relationship with pre-believers so that we can be a witness of the Gospel to them?

  2. How can we continually sanctify our minds so that we renew our identity that is found in Christ? How can we do so as a community?

Series: Mighty To Save
Title: The Power of the Gospel 

God has called our church to fulfil the Great Commission, and one of the ways is to love Singapore block by block, school by school. Learn biblical perspectives that will empower us to commit to loving our neighbours, schoolmates, and colleagues

General Questions:

  1. Think about the people you interact with the most every week. What are some of their views towards religion? How do they see topics like death, success, and purpose?

  2. In light of the different views people hold towards life and death, what is unique about the gospel message that Paul mentioned in Romans 1:16-17?

Perspective Questions:

  1. “Salvation is God reaching out to us and not us reaching out to God.” How does this idea impact the way Christians see the world and make decisions in life? How do we distinguish between someone who does religion (DO) and someone who follows Christ (DONE)? 

  2. Think about ourselves and the fellow believers around us. What might cause us to feel “ashamed” of the gospel sometimes? What common difficulties do we face in sharing the gospel?

  3. Other than timidity in sharing, what are some other possible signs that we are not fully convinced of or are ashamed of the gospel?

Application Questions:

  1. Take some time to reflect upon the gospel message, thank God for our personal salvation and recommit ourselves to work at growing our relationship with Jesus.

  2. What is one step I can take to bring the gospel to people in our nation this week?