Title: Step Out & Step Up
Series: A Brick In His House
Text: Haggai 1:1-11

Every now and then, we need to honestly reflect on our priorities. Have other responsibilities or endeavours crowd out the commitment to build God’s church?  

Perspective Questions:

  1. Late Bible scholar Gordon Fee once said, “God is not just saving individuals and preparing them for heaven; rather, He is creating a people among whom He can live and who in their life together will reproduce God’s life and character.” What do you think of his quote? How does it reinforce or challenge your view of God’s purpose for His church? How would your view affect your priorities?  

  2. The people in Haggai’s day chose to build their own homes instead of rebuilding God’s temple. What do you think cause them to make such a choice? What are some of their fears or concerns that you can identify with? What does God’s word have to say about them?

  3. Most of us recognise the value of working hard. But being hardworking does not mean we have the right priorities. We can be working hard, but we are not producing fruit that honours God. What kind of hard work would God want to see from us? What are His promises to those who strive to honour Him?  

Application Questions:

  1. What are some needs you see around you that God may want you to meet? What are some practical steps you can take to address these needs?

  2. If you are feeling disillusioned or disheartened because of challenges you meet in serving, how can you bring to God all that is on your heart? How can you allow God’s word to heal or renew you?