Series: Truly, Madly, Deeply
Title: Deep in Loving
Text: Song of Songs 8:5-7
How does love in marriage look like? Love in marriage expresses itself in faithfulness to each other, reliance on God’s empowerment and transcendence above earthly values.
General Questions:
  1. If an electronic device is broken, do you prefer to repair or buy a new one? In an affluent society, we are used to discarding rather than fixing stuff. How does this mindset influence our view of relationships and marriages?
  2. In today’s society, people do not like the idea of commitment. What do you think are the reasons why people may shy away from commitment in marriage? What does it reflect about what these people value?
Perspective Questions:
  1. Why do you think God values marital faithfulness so much? What does it reflect about Him and His desires for us?
  2. Why is accountability in our marriage important? Are there specific boundaries we may need to set to safeguard our marriage? Are there pastoral leaders whom we can choose to be accountable to?
Application Questions:
  1. For married couples, it is difficult for us to die to self and love our spouse sacrificially without God’s empowerment. What is one challenge in your marriage that you need to ask the Holy Spirit to empower you in? Think of a specific example and commit to allowing God to change you.
  2. For couples, what is one practical step you need to take together to strengthen your marriage? Some possible ideas include:
    – Taking up a love challenge (e.g. 40 Day Fire Proof Love Challenge)
    – Setting aside a “date night” weekly
    – Praying for one another regularly
  3. For courting couples and singles, drawing close to God before marriage will prepare us to weather storms in our future marriages. What are some practical action steps we can take to draw close to God?

Series: Truly, Madly, Deeply
Title: Mad but Staying
Text: Song 5:2-6:3

It is normal for a relationship to experience conflicts and difficulties. How then can we navigate through these conflicts and stay in the relationship biblically despite conflicts and difficulties?

General Questions:

  1. Conflicts are bound to arise in any relationship, and especially so in a marriage, where two people come together and share their lives closely and intimately with one another. For married and courting couples, what are some things or issues that trigger conflict in your relationship? How do you usually deal with these conflicts? What can you learn from the practical ways to handle conflict from the sermon?
  2. For singles, we will encounter conflict in other relationships with our family and friends. How do you usually respond when you encounter conflict in these relationships? What can you learn from the practical ways to handle conflict from the sermon?

Perspective Questions:

  1. Do you agree that community is important to support us in our relationship? Do you have such a support system? If not, what are ways that you can build the support system? Conversely, how do you think you can be open and guided by the Holy Spirit to speak into the lives of others, as part of God’s community?
  2. Divorce rates are on the rise, and irreconcilable differences arising from inability to resolve conflicts and differences are often cited as reasons for divorce. What do you think are some reasons that couples find it hard to stay in a marriage? How do you think we can practically apply biblical values such as love, forgiveness, and thankfulness and in our relationship? What are the values that you hold on to that help you tide through challenging times in your marriage?

Application Questions:

  1. For married couples, how is the level of intimacy (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) in your relationship? Have past unresolved conflicts driven a wedge in your marriage? From this teaching, what do you think you can do to restore the intimacy in your marriage?
  2. For courting couples and singles, what are the practical tips and values from this teaching that you can apply in your relationships and consider if you are ready for the commitment of marriage?

Series: Truly, Madly, Deeply
Title: True in Waiting
Text: Songs of Songs 4-5:1

Our views on love and sexual intimacy are often unavoidably influenced by the values of the world. Many might even think that the Christian faith has a restrictive or regressive view on love and sexual intimacy. But, in fact, the Scripture does celebrate love and sexual intimacy in the book of Song of Songs. What is God’s design for sex? How should God’s people view it?

General Questions:

  1. Did your family talk about sexuality? Where did you learn about sex?
  2. Do you find sex too sensitive or private a matter to be discussed in church? Why should we talk about sex in the church?

Perspective Questions:

  1. Why did God create sex? In your own words, describe God’s design for sex. How then does this look like in the lives of singles? How about married people?
  2. What are some challenges or common views in the world about sex that makes it difficult for you to obey God’s design?

Application Questions:

  1. What are some avenues or individuals where we can and should speak openly about sex? What is lacking in these relationships that stops you from doing so?
  2. Has the church been a good representation of God’s design for sex? What can we do to make sure we shine God’s glory in this area?

Pursuing holiness includes how we view and treat love and intimacy. Amidst the influence of worldly values, learn how the Scriptures celebrate love and sexual intimacy and how this helps us to be holy singles and married couples before God.

Adulting is a long journey where every life station comes with its own complexities. Learn how you can live in God’s wisdom and purposes in your current season.

Title: Battle Plan Against Porn
: Various

Porn is addictive, accessible and increasingly acceptable. How can we take a stand against its dangerous and destructive effects?

Perspective Questions:

  1. What are some lies that may lead believers to be sexually tempted or to fall into sexual sin?

  2. What are some truths from the Word that motivate or inspire believers to choose to pursue holiness? 

Application Questions:

  1. How can we support believers who are trying to overcome a porn addiction or other sexual sins?

  2. Parents, what are some ways to guide your children in an age where porn is easily accessible and may even become acceptable?

In a nationwide survey by Focus on the Family, the greatest threat of sexuality is pornography. It affects not just young men and women but also married couples.

As a church and followers of Christ, we need a battle plan against pornography. Let’s talk about it, openly, honestly and biblically.

Series: Faith For Generations
: Taking God Seriously
Text: Deuteronomy 6:1-3

How can we take God seriously in our lives and help the next generation to do the same, so that they can live out their faith in an ever-changing environment?

General Questions:

  1. What do you think it means to take God seriously? How do you think your life will be different if you start to take God more seriously?

Perspective Questions:

  1. Taking God seriously requires us to have the right understanding of God, which involves an appreciation of both His grace and His holiness. Which aspect of God do you tend to focus on more? What do you think can happen if you focus too much on one aspect at the expense of another?

  2. Reflect on how you are spending your time, energy, and resources. What do you take most seriously in your life, and how does that compare with God’s position in your heart? 

  3. Parents, reflect on your interaction with your children. What does your conversation topic revolve around? How would your conversation with your children be different if you take their spiritual development more seriously? 

Application Questions:

  1. To take God seriously, we must first understand God’s Word before we can obey it. What are some distractions or obstacles that may hinder believers from understanding and obeying His Word? How do you think you can practically re-orient your schedule so that you can spend time to listen to God? For families, how can your family schedule and prioritise learning and doing God’s Word together as a family?

  2. What are specific areas where God may be nudging you to take His command or promise more seriously? How would you respond to His prompting?

Series: Ways of a Disciple
Title: Beyond Settling for the Acceptable – Pursue Faithfulness
Text: Matthew 5:31-32

What is God’s view concerning how we should treat our covenants, such as the covenant of marriage, and how can Christ-followers pursue faithfulness in their committed relationships?

General Questions:

  1. Do you think it is possible for Christ followers to pursue faithfulness in accordance to God’s standards for marriage? What do you think are the reasons that there are divorces even among Christians?

Perspective Questions:

  1. If our purpose of marriage is just to seek happiness, we will be disappointed and have many reasons to leave when our marriages go through rough patches. What do you think are the godly values and perspectives that we should have towards marriage instead? 

  2. Marriage is one example of a covenant relationship. We also have covenants with God, our church family and our friends. If faithfulness is the foundation of our covenants, what do you think it takes to be faithful?

Application Questions:

  1. How can we pursue faithfulness in our covenants? What are some small steps we can take to be loyal to those we are covenanted to?

Mr. Jason Wong, Chairman of Focus on the Family (Singapore), shares how our faith can impact our relationships with our loved ones. Because of Jesus’ sacrifice for us on the cross, we can reset our marriages and parenting for the better!