When Jesus came to Jerusalem, crowds of people laid palm leaves and cheered enthusiastically to welcome Him. The same crowd turned against Him just a few days later.

As we celebrate Jesus this Palm Sunday, learn how we can have steadfast faith in Him despite the fickleness of our human nature.

Title: Celebrate Jesus
Text: John 12:12-19 (main text), John 12:37-43 (sub text)

We can truly celebrate Jesus only when we have the right understanding of who He is. Jesus may not be the Saviour we expected or wanted, but He is the Saviour we need.

Perspective Questions:

  1. Reflecting on your life, when did God’s promises (or your hope regarding God’s promises) turn out to be different from what you expected? What helps you to trust in God when your expectations are at odds with what He wants to do?

  2. What were some difficult circumstances that you went through where you later realized that God was doing something important through them? What was God doing? How have these experiences affected the way you look at the challenges you face?

  3. Think back over your relationship with Christ. In what ways has your understanding and expectations of Christ changed over the years to align more appropriately with who He truly is? 

Application Questions:

  1. Jesus may not be the Saviour we expected or wanted, but He is the Saviour we need. How does this understanding affect the way we share the Gospel? 

  2. How can we grow in our conviction to share the Gospel with people who need the Saviour? What are some ways we can partner our LG members to spread the Gospel this Easter?