Feeling overly anxious about something, and yet don’t feel like doing anything at all at the same time?

You’re not alone! In the midst of the rigor of school and the ever-changing COVID-19 climate, discover how we can respond in intense seasons of stress and long-drawn bouts of idleness!

Isn’t life like a claw machine? It’s rigged.

No matter how much we try, some things just aren’t within our control. With odds stacked against us, can we still take a shot at what matters?

Experience the world of virtual reality, complete challenges in your teams of 5, and hear an inspiring message on how we can find meaning in giving our best in studies and friendship!

Our core cannot be seen most of the time, yet it is the one thing that holds everything together. When crises come and difficult decisions need to be made, our response reveals what we are really made of.
As Christ-followers, our faith can only be proved genuine when tested by fire. Learn how we can build our core today so that we can stand firm and last in the testing and trial of tomorrow.

Do you sometimes feel stuck or lost in this journey of life? Enroll in Hope’s 3-week crash course on friendship, self, and community, and learn how you can make your one life worth living!