Title: When We Need Power

Series: Holy Spirit The Enabler Of Our Victory
Text: Eph 1:13-14
In the midst of all the pain, chaos and devastation we see in the world today, we can be steadfast in hope because we have the Holy Spirit. How does the Spirit secure this hope for us and what exactly is it that we hope for?
1) The Spirit Is Evidence That We Belong To God (Eph 1:13)
Just like the need for food and water, a sense of belonging is a human need. Deep down, there is an inherent desire to be accepted, associated or be part of something greater than ourselves. How does this need to belong affect the way people live their lives? Think about yourself and the people around you, and share some of these stories. How does belonging, or the absence of it, affect one’s hope in times of difficulty?
The Holy Spirit is the seal given by God as evidence that we belong to Him. We are His children. Who is God to you? What is His character like? What does it mean for you personally when you realise that you belong to Him? In challenging times, how does the truth that you are part of God’s people encourage or comfort you?
2) The Spirit Is Assurance That We Will Receive Our Inheritance (Eph 1:14)
Reflect upon your life experiences so far. Were there times when you know something good will be coming your way in the future, be it a reward, a solution to a problematic situation etc, but the waiting process proved really challenging? Share how the experience was like and what helped you to go through it. More specifically, what helped you to keep sight of the “end goal” while you wait? How did the Spirit empower you to deal with the difficulties in the midst of waiting?
The Holy Spirit is God’s pledge of our inheritance, that He will fulfil His promise and complete His plan in us. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest, how much are we looking forward to this inheritance at this point of time? What aspect of it are we most looking forward to? Why?

For some, tough times can cause them to lose hope and grow weary in trusting that God will fulfil His promises. For others, tough times lead them to yearn more for God and the eventual completion of His plan. What effect does challenges in life have on you and your faith in God? How does the assurance of our inheritance in Christ make a difference to how we face challenges? Practically, what is one thing we can now do differently during such times? How can we rely on the Spirit’s enablement to do so?

Series: Victorious Living
Text: Psalm 1:1-6

The Bible tells us that delighting in and meditating on God’s Word is key to having a blessed life. Why is this so? What difference does it make to how we live?

1) What are things in life that you enjoy, that you delight in? What are thoughts on your mind that weigh on your heart, that you mediate on? Whatever they may be, how can we choose Scripture to be our delight and meditation? As we choose God’s wisdom, we will yield godly fruits in our lives.

2) There may be times we may witness the wicked prosper. There may be times we find God’s wisdom impractical in today’s world. What are some truths in the Bible that you may struggle to hold onto, and why? How can we continue to trust in God’s Word even when we do not understand it?

Despite knowing God, Israel broke their covenant with Him and lived in their own ways. Yet God, in His mercy, sent His Son, Jesus, to pay the penalty of their sin.

As we celebrate and pursue victory in Christ, examine and rediscover the person of Jesus and the role He plays in God’s redemption plan.

‘God cares for us!’ ‘Depend on God!’

How can we know that God really cares and if He is that dependable? Is He willing and able to enable us to live victoriously over our sin and in our struggles? In this 3-part series, explore the attributes of God that reflect how He is truly the anchor of our victory.

It’s amazing and yet sometimes hard to understand how Christ’s finished work on the Cross gives us freedom from our sins, struggles, and trials. In this new year, hear from Pastor Jeff on what our faithfulness to live for Christ and to witness for Him can look like, in our personal lives and as a church.

Title: We Have Won
Text: Col 2:13-15
Series: Focus 2020

What does the Bible mean when it says that we have been made victorious through Jesus Christ? How does the knowledge that we have already won change the way we live our lives?


Imagine a debt that takes generations to pay off or a debt collector that threatens the family daily. What would you do in such situations? How would you feel? Now, what if this debt is sin and this debt collector is God, but God chooses not to forgive any of our sins and instead, he makes them all count against us. What does it mean for us then?

Let us read Colossians 2:13-14 and Acts 3:19. How were our debts cancelled? Indeed, there is no way for us to save ourselves, we need to turn to God. He has taken away our sins, nailed them to the cross and forgave us completely (Col 2:13-14). Not only that, He also chooses not to remember our sins (Isaiah 43:25). What amazing grace!

In light of these, how can we live in a ‘post-cross’ fashion in 2020? Are there things that might hold you back and make you revert to a ‘pre-cross’ life?

In 2020, let us begin each day with a clean slate (2 Cor 5:17) knowing that we are a new creation and the old has gone and the new has come!


How are you feeling as the new year starts? Is victorious one of the emotions you have? Why or why not? Perhaps 2019 did not end well. Today, there might be daily battles in sin, and old struggles continue to bother us. Yet because Jesus has already defeated the darkness (Colossians 2:15), even though we may be fighting such daily battles, we can be assured that we have a blessed hope as we look forward to Christ’s return – we have victory in Christ.

Therefore, if you could personalise Watchman Nee’s words in the sentence below, what would you say?
Outside of Christ, I am ___; but in Christ, I am ____.

In 2020, how can we fight our daily battles knowing that we have won our victory over sin in Christ? Discuss with your life group how we can trust and actualise this victory that Christ has already bought for us. How can the life group remind one another to hang onto Christ though we may stumble along the way? In this way, His finished work truly becomes the starting point of our victorious life.

Stress, fast-paced, constant change and evolving expectations – that is the world we live in. Find out how we can take back our minds in this age of anxiety and receive peace.