06, 13 & 20 Feb 2022
Pastor Michael, Yam Chien Meng, Pastor Daniel Tan
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Paradox: A seemingly absurd or contradictory statement which when investigated may prove to be well-founded or true (Oxford Dictionary).

Jesus used many paradoxes in His teachings which confounded religious leaders in His time. Discover how to mine the truths that Jesus wants to communicate to us through these paradoxes so we can be His true disciples!

Sermon cover of Paradox [3/3]: Descending Into Greatness
Paradox [3/3]: Descending Into Greatness

21 February 2022
Daniel Tan, Executive Pastor
Sermon cover of Paradox [2/3]: Gaining By Losing
Paradox [2/3]: Gaining By Losing

15 February 2022
Yam Chien Meng
Sermon cover of Paradox [1/3]: Finding Rest In Burden
Paradox [1/3]: Finding Rest In Burden

7 February 2022
Michael Raditya