This is an interesting Old Testament book that can be summarized as one prophet, two chapters, three periods and four messages. It has been sixteen years since the foundation for the Lord’s Temple has been laid but nothing has been done since. The Prophet Haggai was sent to challenge the people of God to the finished task of rebuilding the fallen temple.

Why did they not finish what they started? What is hindering the people of God from finishing the task? What does it take for God’s people to rise in strength and build the Lord’s House? What will cause God’s people to have a heart for the House?

This book also points us prophetically to a time when the Temple of God will no longer be made of dead stones, but it will be made of living stones aligned to a Cornerstone who is Jesus Himself! And when this foundation stone is laid, our curses will be turned to blessings, our lack will be turned to abundance and our barrenness will be turned to fruitfulness!