Salvation is the application of the work of Christ to the lives of humans. Accordingly, the doctrine of salvation has particular appeal and relevance, since it pertains to the most crucial needs of the human person. This is particularly apparent to those who understand the biblical teaching regarding sin.

Martin Luther once called Paul’s letter to the Romans as the “purest Gospel” because it contains deep doctrinal truths. However, Romans was not written as a textbook but as a letter, with specific circumstances and specific purposes. This course attempts to unearth the timeless message of Romans, through seeking to appreciate the specific context out of which Romans was written.

What is the meaning of life? What do I gain after working so hard? What is the point of labouring when I have no control over the result? Why deprive myself of pleasure when life is short?
If such questions bother or intrigue you, and you are looking for answers that go beyond the superficial, step into the world of Ecclesiastes. Follow the Teacher on a quest to discover the resolution to some of life’s most profound yet perplexing questions. This book study aims to equip believers to grasp the goodness of God in a fallen world and develop a deeper faith that leads to joy and obedience to Him.