Many people believe that being brave is being fearless. But in the eyes of God, courage is saying and doing the right thing despite what happens to us on earth! Discover how God gives us the strength to be courageous for Him over our fears!
Part 1: God Gives Me Courage to Believe!
Part 2: God Gives Me Courage to Do the Right Thing!
Part 3: God Gives Me Courage to Face My Fears!

We His People — A Study of Philippians 2:1-18

In this season, what makes a good citizen of Singapore is someone who stays home, masks up, and practises social distancing.

What then makes a good citizen of heaven? How should we live so that we enhance the reputation of Christ and bring glory to our Lord?

Join us to learn how we as citizens of heaven can live lives worthy of the Gospel of Christ!

Part 1: Unite in His Love
Part 2: Follow in His Ways
Part 3: Work Out with His Power
Part 4: Shine with Joy as His Children


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Hear Pastor Jeff share his personal reflections and learnings from his time away with God!

After clinching runner-up at “Project Superstar”, Hong JunYang went on to release his debut solo album in 2006. Today, he is a singer, songwriter, music producer, budding restaurant entrepreneur and father.

Hear him share about his personal journey of discovering a love like no other, and how it has brought him hope and transformed him!

What do identity and intimacy have to do with a victorious church?
As we continue to live in victory from the Cross, discover from the life of Jesus how these two aspects were foundational to His ministry on earth.

We hear and use the word ‘worship’ a lot, but what does it really mean? Let’s explore the truth and heart of worship, and learn how God is great and worthy of our praise!

17 May: Worship is about God’s Worth
24 May: Worship is giving our best to God
31 May: Worship is trusting God above all things

It’s easy to hide from God when we are ashamed with our sin or want things our way. Yet God doesn’t play hide-and-seek with us – He seeks us out even when we hide from Him.

Even in the midst of our struggles and distractions, how can we seek God and hide in Him?

In the Bible, Nehemiah was hungry to see God’s promises fulfilled in his life. This hunger stirred him to do things no normal person would do, resulting in a breakthrough in his generation.
Hunger can change the trajectory of one’s life. Is our level of hunger ready for what God wants to pour out in us?

Circuit Breaker has put a pause on our otherwise hectic schedule. Many of us were looking forward to 4th May where things could revert back to the norm and continue our routine. But we are disappointed when the circuit breaker extends.

With this extended time that we have, how can we capitalise it to nurture our being?

HopeKids wants to celebrate one of the most important people we have in our lives – our parents!
Join us to learn new ways to love and appreciate our parents!
1) Say ‘I love you’ in different languages
2) Help out with chores at home

3) Create a handmade gift (paper origami heart)