Jesus’ return is often a mystery to many. While it seems like a pivotal moment that Christians ought to be expectant about, it also feels like a distant dream. Join us to discover what Paul says about Jesus’ return and how we ought to live in light of that.

Studies – some of us enjoy it, some of us hate it. And when it comes to exames, most of us hate it. But what does God say about studies and exams? As God’s people, learn how we can approach studies God’s way.

We need to make choices everyday. Learn how we choose to be the best ‘me’ in school and honour Jesus in our attitude and actions!

Someone messed with the ‘Chroma Star’ and now all the colours of Maleo’s World have faded away!

Complete fun games and challenges and help Maleo restore all the colours back to his world!



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God, in His mercy and righteousness, has provided a way for us to continue walking with Him. But sin often trips us up and hinders us from being all we can be in Christ. How then, should we respond to God when we stumble?

“God will take care of us. Hence, we do not have to be worried or stressed”. When such a claim is made, it paints the idea that it is a travesty for Christians to undergo stress. Some people might even misunderstand that God is oblivious to people’s real needs and expect people to sweep their concerns under the carpet so that they can remain joyful. But, is that God’s heart for His people to simply be a carefree and happy go lucky person in the world filled with different stresses? In this sermon, we can find out God’s heart for His people and how He wants us to look to Him in this stressful world.

The school holidays are coming! Spend it by deepening your faith and getting to know God in His presence.

A 2-part life station series

Learn how to live in God’s wisdom and purposesin your current life station!

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Getting attached is widely encouraged in the world. Yet some of us may feel it’s taboo in church – something we can’t talk about, can’t have, or can only have it in secret.
Nothing can be further from the truth. Let’s discover God’s heart for us in relationships and what we can do in our current season!
We all have an idea of how we want our uni life to be like, and we work hard to get it.
But what if we drop the ball?
Find out if we can keep up with the demands of uni from our panel of undergrads and alumni!