When Jesus ascended to heaven, He did not leave us to go through this life alone. He sent us the Holy Spirit who is an ever-present help to keep us in His ways, and the Bible that reminds us everyday of His love. He also gave us the Armour to equip us to navigate life with Him. So, how do we really put on this armour?

In this fast-changing world, the need to be ‘future ready’ is growing more prevalent. Governments, businesses, and schools navigate future challenges with good foresight, keeping up with the times, and develop resilience in the face of adversity.

But what does Scripture say about the endgame that believers need to prepare for? In this 4-part series on 2 Peter, explore Peter’s instructions for believers on how to be future ready in the way that God wants His people to be.

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Missions is often seen as something only for ‘super spiritual’ believers who are willing and able to uproot themselves and settle in an unfamiliar land. But God is a global God on a global mission.

As we prepare to ‘let the world see’ the Light of the world, enlarge your heart and view on how God prepares His church for missions, and how we should respond to His leadership on the missions ground.

An exclusive interview with Jocelyn Chng, Group CEO of JR Group
Jocelyn was her family’s chief breadwinner at 21 and a widow with three sons at 37. Today, she is the driving force behind JR Group, and ‘Chef-In-Box VendCafe’, Singapore’s first unmanned vending-machine cafe.
Hear how she journeyed through years of personal pain and tough business hurdles to emerge as the successful entrepreneur and mother she is today.


A happy person may not be thankful, but a thankful person will always be happy.
Pastor Benny Ho, known for his down-to-earth humour and relatable preaching, will be sharing a message on how we can and should remain grateful amidst life challenges!

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“Others less deserving got promoted ahead of me. Why would a just God allow this?” – Ah Tuan, Group Tech Officer

“I was jobless, had minimal education, and no place to stay. Where was my life heading?” – Raymond, Canteen Store Operator

“I did what was right but people thought I was foolish. How do I maintain integrity?” – Emma, Senior Vice President of Swiss Private Bank

45% of Singaporeans admit to hating their jobs. Are you one of them? This week, get inspired through 3 real-life stories on how to rise above challenges and find fulfilment when work gets rough.

For children 12 years and below! Let’s learn how God wants us to show love to our super-duper family and moms. All kids will get a chance to create a special surprise for their moms for Mother’s Day!

4-12 years: We are not ashamed to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus! Learn how God gives us power to do so and how we can be equipped to be used by God.

3 years and below: Learn through sensory play, storytelling and music & movement.