What is Go LG?

Whatever house you enter, first say, “Peace be to this house.” And whatever city you enter, and they receive you, eat what is set before you; and heal those in it who are sick, and say to them, “The kingdom of God has come near to you.” – Luke 10:5,8,9

Jesus sent His disciples on a mission to heal the sick and proclaim the Gospel. In the same way, ‘Go LG’ is where Life Groups take up Jesus’ Great Commission to go and make disciples. Through ‘Go LG’, Life Groups come together to live out a lifestyle to bless, fellowship, minister and proclaim the Good News in their schools, marketplace and neighbourhoods.


Declare God’s blessing upon the land or over a person through prayer, encouragement, or meeting needs


Spend meaningful time with people and get to know about their struggles and needs in life.


Meet the needs of people by offering to pray for them or sharing our personal stories.


Proclaim the Good News and share about Jesus to people.

#HopeGOLG Stories

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The East LGs have been organising ‘Kampong Style’ gatherings to bless and reach out to families all over Bedok! We invite neighbours regularly into our homes, share God’s Word, and even organise special programmes for the kids. A few highlights were a movie screening of ‘Case for Christ’ for adults and games for kids on Easter, and a Daddies’ Day Out on Father’s Day where fathers and their kids played outdoor games at the beach.

These initiatives have opened many hearts where the LG can now pray for their neighbours’ family matters, parenting, and midlife careers. Over time, 2 of them have received Christ!
Yong Lai, Adults Group
My Life Group went out to Bishan Shunfu area for Go LG. That was when we met Mahendran at one HDB block void deck and shared the Gospel with him. He shared that it was his first time hearing the gospel. To our surprise, he initiated coming for our service the next day even though he had declined all his wife’s invitations to church when he was in India. He felt it was a divine appointment to have met the LG while he was on his way to buy dinner! And the next day at the service, Mahendran accepted Jesus into his heart!
Since then, he has been connected to our LG. We are encouraged to witness his spiritual milestones. At the Serve weekend, he was inspired by the message and responded by joining the Security Ministry.

Sihui, Adults Group