About HopeKids

To see kids in the city and in the world connect to Christ.

HopeKids is passionate about seeing every child touched by God’s amazing love and leading them to impact others with the same love. We consider it our honour to partner with parents to foster good biblical values and develop each child’s character!

Each weekend, your child will have an awesome time of sing-and-dance-along, drama, crafts and learning from the Bible. They will get to making new friends and learn valuable life skills in a creative manner!


Axis Centre @ Textile Centre

North East Centre @ New Tech Park

West Centre @ Hope @ Jurong West

East Centre @ Park Avenue Convention Centre

HopeKids Bus

HopeKids Bus:

  • is free-of-charge
  • is island-wide
  • Goes to-and-from (various pick-up points to HopeKids service venues)
Simply SMS “Request Bus Service” to 92428726 for transport to our Sunday English kids services!


(3 years and below)

Kids can start gleaning positive values and learning about God at a tender age. They will have a safe and fun environment to enjoy engaging storytelling, sensory play, and roleplaying activities.

HopeKids Junior

(4-6 years old)

Kids are exploring their surroundings and starting to develop interpersonal skills. They will have a conducive environment to make friends and learn from the Bible through creative drama, energetic songs, and engaging teaching and storytelling.

HopeKids Primary

(7-12 years old)

Children are becoming more independent and forming their worldview. Small group discussions will help deepen their understanding of the Bible and equip them to make wise decisions based on godly values. They will also have opportunities to lead and serve others, and realise their special potential in God!


(for children with special needs)

Jesus loves every child and desires for us to honour and serve one another. We aim to build an inclusive world where kids with special needs will feel safe and comfortable to interact with their teachers and friends. By participating in creative small group and sensory integration activities, they will have fun and learn biblical values at the same time!


The HopeKids bus experience was very pleasant! The bus is reliable and kept to the timings. The bus captains are initiative and prompt to confirm the timings and are very intentional to connect with the parents, guardians and kids on the ride! Not only that, the teachers also came to visit their homes after their first time coming to the service, giving us the assurance that they are well taken care of! Now, I can safely leave my p5 and p3 cousins to take the bus on their own!
Jency Tan and her cousins, Bee Gin (11) & Jian Wei (9)
The journey to church takes up to 2 hours if we go on our own, so I am really grateful to have the HopeKids bus come to pick up my children! Every week, the teachers do a great job by following up on whether they are going for service so that they can arrange the bus schedule.
Because of the love and care poured out by the teachers, my children always look forward to going to church. They even came to know God and accepted God into their lives! Carina has grown in self-confidence and improved in her studies. Cassidy always put God first, wanting to attend service before other activities. I am thankful to God for answering my prayers to have this opportunity to know all the wonderful people and this church through the HopeKids bus!

Lihui and her children, Carina (13) and Cassidy (9)

Partner Us

Four ways you can be a partner

As a Parent

If you have a child in HopeKids and do not know your child’s Life Group Leader, start your orange partnership by contacting our friendly leaders.

As a Friend

Like our Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram for updated information about our ministry.

As a Connector

Connect a nephew, niece or a child you know to us by inviting them to our weekly kids services!

As a Leader

If you are a member of Hope Singapore and are interested to be a leader, sign up to serve here!