10-11 Dec, 17-18 Dec
Pastor Michael, Yam Chien Meng
Christian Living, Christmas, Joy, Pleasure, Purpose, Success

Now that the world has reopened from the pandemic, we’re starting to enjoy life again. We’re filling up our schedules with social gatherings, holidays, and goals.

Just like a gift box, our lives look attractive on the outside. But is the inside as good as what the outside promises?

Let’s unwrap our lives this Christmas and discover what’s on the inside.

Sermon cover of Unwrapped [2/2]: Success Without Purpose
Unwrapped [2/2]: Success Without Purpose

19 December 2022
Yam Chien Meng
Sermon cover of Unwrapped [1/2]: Pleasures Without Joy
Unwrapped [1/2]: Pleasures Without Joy

12 December 2022
Michael Raditya