Abide Series 1 [2/6]: When Sin Came In

29 January 2024
Daniel Tan, Executive Pastor

Series: Focus 2024 – Abide
Title: When Sin Came In
Text: Acts 5:1-8

The church is an imperfect community that is set apart for God. Yet our call to be holy is often threatened by the presence of sin within the community. How should we as a church respond to sin so that collectively, we remain holy before God?

General Questions:

  1. Describe fear as an emotion. How can this be reconciled with the idea of the fear of God?

Perspective Questions:

  1. Read Acts 1 – 4 (or 2:42-47 and 4:32-37). What are some characteristics of the early church? How is what Ananias and Sapphira did potentially damaging to the spiritual health and credibility of the community?
  2. “My sin affects you even if you are not aware of it.” Do you think this is true? Why? How does the personal sin of someone in the community affect the community at large? Give some examples.
  3. How can we reconcile removing sin from the community and welcoming sinners into it?  How should our expectations of believers and non-believers differ?

Application Questions:

  1. Often, we can only help one another to be holy when we know what one another is struggling with. What hinders you from being open with your struggles to the faith community? How can you help one another to be vulnerable?
  2. Sin should be dealt with swiftly before it spreads to affect others in the community. How can we approach the sins of others without compromising on either grace or holiness?