Behind The Scenes (1/4): The Silent Workings Of God

10 November 2019
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Title: The Silent Workings of God

Text: Esther 2
Series: Behind The Scenes: The Unseen God At Work

Struggling to understand what God’s doing in the current season of your life? Straining to cope with His silence? The Book of Esther might encourage you by showing how God works through seemingly ordinary occurrences and coincidences for the good of His people according to His purpose.

1. God works through those in authority (2:1-4)

Our concept and attitude towards authority is often shaped by things like our upbringing, our life experiences and what we read about in the world today. How do you view authority? What were some memorable experiences of authority figures that left the biggest impression in your life? Take turns to share in the LG.

What are some qualities you expect of those in authority? How will the absence of some of these qualities affect the way you feel about authority figures around you? When people in authority fail to make good decisions that benefit those they lead, do you find it challenging to believe that God can still work through them to fulfil His plan? Discuss. Our God is sovereign and is able to use evil and turn it for good according to His purpose. What are some ways we can remind ourselves of His sovereignty when we see or hear of authority being used negatively? If we were to experience a misuse of authority (e.g. an unreasonable boss), how should we respond in light of God’s sovereignty?

2. God works through the ordinary (2:5-18)

God can work through extraordinary signs and wonders. But most of the time, He accomplishes His purpose providentially through ordinary ways. It takes eyes of faith to identify what He is doing in the ordinary. Reflect on how God has been working in your life through the “ordinary” – how has God guided or led you in making decisions (e.g. He provides guidance from the Bible in handling life situations)? What part did you play? How does knowing that God can work through the ordinary encourage or assure you of His presence even if you never witness a miracle? How can you develop greater sensitivity to God’s presence in your daily living?
God is concerned about how we are honouring Him in the small, ordinary decisions of daily life (e.g. respecting our parents when they are being difficult or giving our best at work in less-than-ideal conditions). What are some of these decisions you’re facing today? Reflect upon an area that God has been speaking to you to obey in. What concerns do you have? What hinders you from saying yes? Resolve to start obeying today.