Behind The Scenes (2/4): The Faith That Dares

17 November 2019
Jeff Chong, Senior Pastor

Title: The Faith That Dares

Text: Esther 3 & 4
Series: Behind The Scenes: The Unseen God At Work

Knowing that God is sovereign emboldens us to live faithfully for Him,

even when risks are involved. How can we live courageously for God?
1) Expect to be disrupted (4:4-11)
The fast-paced society we live in emphasises the importance of forward thinking and
planning. Students explore education pathways and career options. Adults seek out
jobs with opportunities for career progression as priority. Some are even planning
for retirement before starting work! Do you have some of these plans as well? Take
some time to think and share with one another. How would you feel if things fall out
of your control and your plans get disrupted?
If we want to live courageously for God, it is wise to expect our plans to be disrupted
by Him. This is because what God wants for us tends to differ from what we want
for ourselves. Recount an instance in your life when God disrupted your plan. It
can be something as major as a job switch, or something as minor as a change in
dinner plans to meet someone else’s needs instead of getting rest for yourself. What
happened and what did you learn about God and yourself through the process?
What may be some reasons for a person to resist God’s disruption? What may help
a Christian to be more open to God’s unexpected moves in one’s life? What would
motivate a Christian to do what God wants when it contradicts what he wants for
himself? How are do these motivations apply to your life?
2) Commit to His greater purpose (4:12-17)
Think about where you are placed currently (in your family, workplace etc). What may
be God’s purpose for placing you there? How are you living out His purpose for you?
Pray for God to bring clarity, while committing yourself to obey Him in the things you
already know He requires of you.
Some of us may be feeling inadequate to do God’s will. What are some doubts or
fears you face? Where do they come from? What does God’s Word say about how
you should perceive and deal with them? Do your feelings of inadequacy lead you to
depend more on God or to avoid Him? Why?
When you are tasked to serve God, what comes to your mind first – whether the task
is doable, or how will people be blessed by this act of service? Were there times you
felt that the task was beyond your abilities, but you still went ahead to serve? Share
what helped you to make decisions like this. How did the Spirit empower you to do
what your strength or wisdom alone cannot accomplish? How can the LG encourage
one another to honestly acknowledge fears or doubts and move forward with faith to

live for God’s purpose?