Best Foot Forward (2/2): How To Grow

28 February 2021
Dennis Loh, Pastor

Series: Best Foot Forward

Title: How To Grow
Text: 2 Tim. 3:16-17
The key to spiritual growth is not attending sophisticated programmes or listening to the most arresting sermons (as important as good programmes and sermons are). Rather, the key is to submit to the authority of Scripture. How can we put our best foot forward to be mastered by God’s word?

General Questions:
1) Read 2 Timothy 3:16-17. From these verses, what do you think are important functions and purposes of Scripture?

Perspective Questions:

1) What does God’s word mean to you today? What motivates you to know more about the word of God? How is responding to God’s word helping you to develop a lifestyle of surrender to the God of the word?

2) Recap the knowing-being-doing illustration. How has what we know from God’s word made a difference to our character, attitudes and values? What would our closest family members and friends say about our doing e.g. would they see Christ in our words and actions when we relate with people or in how we spend our time and money?

Application Questions:

1) Take some time to look at the ABCD GROW pathway. Which step do you see yourself? Where do you think you can grow next? If you were to attend a class, what can you do to intentionally allow your knowing to change your being and doing?

2) As an LG, how do you think you can make the most of the ABCD GROW framework? Discuss some possible steps the LG can take.

3) If you wish to be mentored, talk to your life group leader about it. What area do you hope your mentor could guide you or keep you accountable in? If you have not met your mentor for some time, what could you do to re-start your mentoring relationship?