Call Of A Disciple [1/4]: Where It All Begins

13 June 2022
Timothy Yeo, Pastor

Series: Call Of A Disciple
Title: Where It All Begins
Text: Matthew 7:7-12

In the final installment of our Discipleship mega-series, Jesus challenges His disciples to take the call of discipleship seriously. The choice is ours – which road to travel on, which voice to follow, which action to take – and it will determine the way we live today and forever more. 

General Questions:

  1. What are some character traits of God that are highlighted by the passage?

  2. Persistent prayer shifts our hearts from one that is distant to one that is intimate with God. It can also lead to greater trust in His character. Share some personal experiences or stories you have heard from others about these “shifts”.

  3. Beyond wanting others to treat us well, what biblical basis does the passage provide for us to be able to love others? 

Perspective Questions:

  1. Consider some of our own experiences as we journey with God. How do we make sense of moments where our prayers seemingly go unanswered? What helps us to trust Him despite such moments?

  2. What are some circumstances or factors that can make it challenging for us to apply the Golden Rule, i.e. to do to others what we would have them do to us, towards others? How does a trusting, intimate relationship with God affect this?

Application Questions:

  1. By nature, we are self-centred, self-seeking, self-preserving and self-pleasuring. What can we do to fight these natural instincts to care only for ourselves? Think of a few practical solutions you can incorporate into your life.

  2. Are there any adjustments that we need to make in order to grow in how we approach God and how much we engage God in our lives? For example, in our understanding of prayer or in the things we tend to pray about.