Call Of A Disciple [2/4]: Choosing The Road Less Travelled

20 June 2022
Yam Chien Meng

Series: Call Of A Disciple
Title: Choosing The Road Less Traveled
Text: Matthew 7:13-14

In the final instalment of our Discipleship mega-series, Jesus challenges His disciples to take the call of discipleship seriously. The choice is ours – which road to travel on, which voice to follow, which action to take – and it will determine the way we live today and forever more. 

General Questions:

  1. In this passage, Jesus challenges His disciples to choose the road less travelled. How did you feel listening to this message? Were you surprised? Challenged? Concerned? Share your thoughts and feelings. 

  2. Share an occasion that you choose to do something that is right but inconvenient or unpopular. What motivated you to do the right thing?

Perspective Questions:

  1. What are some factors that lead to people choosing the wide gate and broad road that leads to destruction? How can believers avoid them?

  2. There is belief among non-believers that “all religions lead to heaven.”  How has v14 reinforced or debunked this belief? How does living out v14 in our daily lives look like to you?

  3. This Bible passage clearly debunks the notion that Christian life will always be easy, smooth-sailing or comfortable. What would help you to stand firm in your faith when you meet life challenges as a result of following Christ?

Application Questions:

  1. Our prayer life, giving and attitude to God can indicate whether we are living a cozy Christian life instead of walking the narrow path. How would you rate your prayer, giving and attitude today? What is one thing you can do to improve?

  2. By nature, we are inclined to choose what is convenient, comfortable and popular. How can we involve our church community to help us to choose and persevere on the narrow path?