Call Of A Disciple [4/4]: Putting Our Faith To Work

4 July 2022
Dennis Loh, Pastor

Series: Call Of A Disciple
Title: Putting Our Faith To Work
Text: Matthew 7:24-29

General Questions:

  1. In this passage, Jesus challenged his listeners to put his words into practice. What do you think a life of obedience to God is supposed to be like? 

  2. How is a life of obedience different from one that is merely appears to be in obedience to God?

Perspective Questions:

  1. In the imagery of the wise and the foolish men, both men have put effort into build their houses. The difference is therefore not in amount of effort, but rather about choosing what we are building our lives upon. What are some truths of God that you are building your life upon? How are you living these truths out?

  2. What are some temptations that cause believers to choose to live in disobedience to God? How can believers avoid these pitfalls?

  3. What are some tests of faith and obedience that you have been victorious in? What helped you to gain victory in these tests?

Application Questions:

  1. The words of Jesus can be often challenging to live out as they challenge our natural ways of thinking and living. What is an area that the Holy Spirit is calling you into greater obedience?

  2. As believers, we are bound to fail God’s call for obedience every now and then. What are some truths that we can hold on to when we have failed in these areas?