First Things First (2/2): God’s Work First

10 January 2019
Dennis Loh, Pastor

Text: Matthew 26:36-46
Series: First Things First

Doing God’s work can be challenging. During the last moments of His ministry on earth, Jesus wrestled to complete the Father’s work. What can we learn from Jesus’ example in how to put God’s work first?

1) Pursue authentic relationship in the community

Jesus yearned for the disciples to understand what He was going through in order to accomplish the Father’s will. Every believer needs support and encouragement to do God’s work. Recall moments when the support of the community made a difference to you as you do your ministry. How can you be a better support and encouragement to others? What are some ways the LG can intentionally encourage people to be open about the challenges they face in ministry, and help them to find support within the community?

2) Align our will to God’s in prayer

List your top 2-3 plans/resolutions for 2019. Do they involve God’s work? Why? Our desires do not always align with God’s will for us. Recall moments when our desires contradict that of God’s. How did we feel? What did we choose to do in the end? Jesus showed us that we can wrestle in prayer when we struggle between doing our will or doing God’s will. Currently, which aspect of God’s will are you struggling with? Reflect on how you pray when you feel this way. What do you usually pray about? What is the outcome of your prayer? How should the way Jesus prayed in Gethsemane influence the way you pray? How should Jesus’ decision influence the way you make decisions? How can the LG help every member to find strength in submitting to God?

3) Persevere to complete God’s work

What are the common struggles and temptations believers encounter while doing God’s work? Why do you think some could not persevere? Read Heb 4:15-16. How does knowing that Jesus can empathise with you change the way you respond to temptations? Share some of your milestones as you stay the course to do God’s will. What did you learn about God and yourself? What would you say to someone who may be going through similar challenges as you? What can the LG do to spur one another on to finish the race?