Focus Series 3 [1/2]: Ushering God’s Glory

22 August 2022
Jeff Chong, Senior Pastor

Series: Not Done Yet – Focus Series 3
Title: Ushering God’s Glory
Text: John 17:1-5

To usher in God’s glory, we can seek His glory in our prayers and extend His glory through our obedience.

General Questions:

  1. In the gospel of John, Jesus’ “hour” is the time of His crucifixion, when Jesus will complete the work that God had sent Him to earth to accomplish. Jesus said that He has brought glory to God by finishing this work. How is the hour of Jesus’ crucifixion a moment of glory? How is God glorified through the cross? 

Perspective Questions:

  1. The focus of our prayers, beyond our concerns, needs and requests, should be for God’s glory to fill the space He has positioned us in. What hinders us (e.g. ourselves, circumstances) from seeking God’s glory in our prayers? Why?

  2. We all have different roles in the kingdom. While God does not want us to compare or to compete in our roles, we may end up doing so. What leads us to comparison? What does this show about our understanding of God and His work?

  3. How can we be content with the roles that God has graciously given us to play in His kingdom? Discuss. 

Application Questions:

  1. In our LG, what are some areas which we can pray together for more regularly? (E.g. for other believers, pre-believers, our zones) 

  2. How can LG members support one another in building a more consistent prayer life?