Freedom In The Gospel Part 3 [1/4]: The True Meaning Of Being Free

3 June 2024
Yam Chien Meng

Series: Galatians: Freedom in the Gospel Part 3
Title: The True Meaning of Being Free
Text: Galatians 5:1-12

The true meaning of freedom comes through faith in Christ and obedience to the truth.

General questions

  1. What does it mean to be free in Christ? How is it different from how the world defines freedom?

Perspective questions

  1. During your walk in Christ, have you felt pressured to do something in order to maintain your salvation? E.g., spiritual disciplines – going to church, doing quiet time, ministry. What was it and how has your perspective changed?
  2. How does faith in Christ and obedience to the truth enable us to live in freedom?
  3. There is a difference between feeling guilty and being stuck in feeling condemned. When we sin, how can we grapple with the guilt we face yet not be stuck in condemnation?

Application questions

  1. What is one area you struggle to obey God in? Commit these struggles to God as a lifegroup and pray that your passion for righteousness will increase and surpass the desire to sin.