Freedom In The Gospel Series 2 [4/6]: New Realities

6 November 2023
Michael Raditya

Series: Galatians – Freedom in the Gospel
New Realities
Text: Galatians 3:26-4:7

Paul’s opponents saw the importance of the sacrifice of Christ in providing atonement, but they did not believe the Cross was important enough to discontinue the Law. On the contrary, Paul saw the Cross as changing everything. What is the new reality that believers have in Christ?

Perspective Questions:

  1. In Christ, we have a new status as children of God (3:26-27). What was our previous status (Read Eph 2:1-3; Rom 5:10)? What does this drastic change in status show about God’s character and attitude towards us? 

  2. In Christ, we have a new liberty (4:1-7). Yet some may still think that subjecting themselves to policies or rules can make them better Christians. Can you think of such examples? What do you think is the consequence of living by rules instead of living by grace? 

Application Questions:

  1. How can we maintain the unity that we have in Christ? 

  2. How can our LG be more welcoming to people who are different from us?