In God We Trust (2/2): Give Because God Is Worthy

8 March 2020
Yam Chien Meng

Title: Give Because God is Worthy
Text: Mark 12:41-44
Series: In God We Trust

What is our response in giving to a God who did not hold back but gave us His all?

1) Give to God Without Being Known by Others (v41)

When we give, we could give with different motives. The rich at that time sought recognition and wanted to impress others through their giving. What about us – do you give to God? What is your motive for giving to God? Do you also sometimes seek man’s recognition and affirmation when you give? Does it matter that we give with the right motive? Why?

2) Give to God What God Has Blessed Us (v41b, 44a)

The Bible teaches us to give from what God has given to us. We should be mindful of ‘lifestyle creep’. This happens when we earn more and our spending increases, but our giving does not. Has your spending impeded your giving? If so, are there lifestyle changes that you can make so that you are able to give to God and the needs around you?

3) Give to God All That We Have (v42-43, 44b)

The poor widow was affirmed by Jesus for giving sacrificially. Reflect on your giving. is it transactional where you give hoping to get something in return? Or conditional where you give only if certain conditions are met? Or do you give sacrificially out of a loving relationship with God? Would you continue to give to God even when you would not receive anything in return, and even when you may experience lack?

Sacrificial giving flows out of sacrificial living. Sacrificial living is when we are willing to give up our comfort and convenience to live in our conviction in God. What are the areas or things that truly matters to you, considering our relationship with God? Are there areas that God is prompting you to surrender and trust your life to Him?