God The Anchor Of Our Victory (3/3): Anchored In God’s Faithfulness

24 February 2020
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Title: Anchored in God’s Faithfulness
Text: Exodus 33:12-17
Series: God The Anchor Of Our Victory

Witness the extent of God’s faithfulness to His promise in action through the journey of the Israelites and remember that the same God walks with us.

1) God is faithful even when we are faithless v12-14

God’s faithfulness to His people is based on His Word, Hebrews 6:18 says God cannot lie, nor can He break an unconditional promise that He says He will fulfill. He is faithful to keeping the covenant even when we struggle in our faith because He is faithful to His promises. What does this mean to you personally in the midst of the struggles you experience in your faith? Have you been in a place where you are faithless – struggling to trust God? Share a recent struggle of faithlessness you are experiencing in your life. What are some passages in the Bible that reminds you of God’s faithfulness in such times?

Imagine you are ‘Moses’, where you witness some of the Israelites around you struggling with faithlessness. How can you strengthen and encourage the fellow believer to not give up and continue to trust in God’s faithfulness in his/her life?
Or imagine you are of the the Israelites who has forgotten God’s faithfulness, what is one area you need to repent of and ask God to help you to entrust your life to Him again?

Jesus and the gift of salvation is the greatest evidence of God’s faithfulness to His Word. He has not forsaken us when we feel weak or fail. Rather He has promised a way for us to have continual access to Him. Take some time to reflect and share how this changes the perception of the current struggles in your faith.

2) God’s faithful presence marks us as His people (v15-17)

In Exodus 33:15, Moses told God that if God’s presence is not with Israel, do not send them up. Moses understood that God’s presence with them was why they had victory in the first place. Unless God is with them, trying to advance alone will be futile. What can Moses’ confidence in God’s presence tell us about the importance of pursuing God and having his presence in our own lives? In our fast paced lives where many things can become our priorities, how can we be intentional to value God’s presence in our lives?

God’s presence is the only distinction between those who are called His people and those who are not. The way we live our lives bear witness to the presence of God. Spend some time to reflect on your character, values and decisions. How have they reflected the God whom you are worshiping? Are there any areas which might be misleading others when they observe your life? As a Life Group, take some time to pray for one another to be the salt and light wherever God placed you and ask God to help you bring His presence to people who need Him or have not known Him.