Heart Of A Disciple (2/4): Counting The Cost (Student)

12 June 2021
Aleron Lin

Title: Counting the Cost

Series: Heart Of A Disciple
Text: Matthew 5:11-12
Life as a disciple is not always rosy. Counting the cost of following Jesus helps us to be ready when opposition comes. 

General Questions:

1) Why does Jesus consider blessed those who endure opposition for His sake? 

2) Based on Mt 5:12, how do you think Jesus would want us to respond to opposition? How easy or difficult is it for you to do what Jesus says? 

Perspective Questions:

1) Why do you think disciples of Christ will face opposition and persecution in this world? What costs do Christians have to be prepared to bear for honouring God and His truth? 

2) Have you carefully considered the cost of following Jesus (Luke 14:25-33)? What may make you compromise or waver in your faith? What are you willing to give so that you can remain faithful to Christ? What may help you to hold onto Christ in such situations? Let’s not wait till a crisis arrives before we get serious about counting the cost. 

Application Questions:

1) If you are undergoing persecution for being a Christian, how does the message encourage you to stand firm and not give up or compromise? How can the LG members support you through this time of opposition? 

2) How can we start to count the cost? For example, will we set aside time to reflect or meet our mentors to discuss? How can we prepare ourselves now such that we will choose to stand firm and persevere with joy when hard times come?