Hearts On Fire

11 July 2020
Pastor, Lawrence Chua

Good things are meant to be shared! And so too, the Good News of Jesus must reach many more out there. What practical actions can we take and how do we maintain our passion for evangelism?

1) Excitement for evangelism is an overflow of personal experience with God. When was the last time you receive a fresh touch from God?

2) Ps Lawrence shares we can be so comfortable and busy living in our circles that we no longer have pre-believing friends. What are some reasons believers can land into such a situation? How can believers be intentional in building relationships with the lost? It is always easier to love and associate with people similar to ourselves, how can we prepare ourselves to love people who are different from us?

3) Jesus calls us to care for those who cannot care for themselves. Jesus did this by coming down and walking among the very people that needed him. What are some ways believers can walk among the neediest of our society? As a Life Group, how can we encourage each other to care and help those in need?