Hope Conference Session 4: Ready to Let The World See

2 June 2019
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Series: ‘Let The World See’ Hope Conference 2019

Discussion Guide

How do we prepare ourselves to let the world see?

Being salt and light is no easy feat. How can we go against the tide to stand firm on our beliefs and values? How can we overcome the odds to influence the world for Christ?

The Church must be ready to fulfil its mission to be in the world but not of the world. We must be discipled to exercise our influence as salt and light. We must learn to depend on God and keep in step with the Holy Spirit to retain our distinctiveness. We must be prepared to Let the World See Christ in Us.

Reflection Questions

Why is it important to maintain our “saltiness”? In what ways can we be contaminated and lose the distinctiveness of our identity as the people of God? How can we encourage one another to keep our “saltiness”?