Jesus The Purchaser Of Our Victory (2/3): Jesus Is The Price

29 March 2020
Timothy Yeo, Pastor
Title: Jesus is the Price
Text: John 10:7-18

Series: Jesus The Purchaser Of Our Victory
There is often a price to pay for victory. We sacrifice sleep for good grades, we power through pain to win competitions. But what is the price to pay for overcoming sin – and who can afford it?
Discussion Questions:
1) Jesus promises us life to the full.
Rarely do people set out to have an ’empty’ life. But what do we define as a full life? How does that match up with what the Bible defines as good? Is there anything in your life that is causing you to lose heart in the full life Jesus promises? Share with the community in assurance that we are a community that will encourage each other. (Hebrew 10:24-25)
2) Jesus lays down his life for us.
The good shepherd is one who is willing to lay down his life for the sheep in times of danger. He is deeply concerned for the sheep’s well-being. How have you experienced Jesus as a good shepherd in your life? Describe some experiences you may have had with your community.

Knowing the price that Jesus paid for us, how do we intend to live our lives in this season? What are things you can do to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and love others around you?