Love My City

8 August 2021
Jeff Chong, Senior Pastor
Title: Love My City
Passage: 1 Cor 9:19-23

A city is known for its dense population and rich cultural diversity. This means that cities are full of opportunities to display the love of Christ to many people who come from all walks of life. How can we love the city where we are living in?

General Questions:
1) We are able to love others when we remember God’s love for us. Do you agree? What is the unmistakable evidence of God’s love for you?

Perspective Questions:

1) Are there groups of people that you struggle to love? What is it about these groups that make it difficult for you to love them?

2) “Loving from beneath” means that we love others with an attitude of wanting to serve them. Part of that means being willing to give up our rights for their sake.  What are some hindrances that stop us from loving from beneath?

3) Loving others for the sake of the Gospel requires us to be keep being amazed by the Gospel and not grow weary in sharing its message. If you could sum up what the Gospel means to you in one phrase, what would it be?

Application Questions:

1) It is challenging to share the Gospel with people who are different from us, and it requires us to spend time listening to them and getting to know them. Who are some of these people that God has called you to listen to and know?