New Year New Passion

3 January 2022
Jasmine Poon, Executive Pastor

Series: New Year New Passion
Text: Matthew 5:43-47

General Questions:

  1. When you love someone, how do you usually express your devotion?

Perspective Questions:

  1. Compared to what Jesus has done for us on the Cross, nothing we do for Him, no matter how costly, can be called a sacrifice. Do you agree? Why?

  2. Extravagant devotion to Christ can come at a personal cost. What are some costs you have had to bear in your love for Christ? As you count the cost, would you say that you have gained or lost? Why?

Application Questions:

  1. You may feel that your passion for Christ is dwindling. What can you do to rekindle the love and awe you once had for God?

  2. How can you express your devotion to Christ today? What ‘extreme’ thing is God inviting you to do to live out your faith in Him?