Pivot – Circles & Rows (1/3): Making Disciples As Our Mission (Student)

16 January 2021
Timothy Yeo, Pastor

Series: Pivot – Circles and Rows

Title: Making Disciples as Our Mission
Text: Matthew 28:18-20

The new norm has arrived but God’s call for the church remains the same. Jesus gives the church the ultimate cause – making disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20). If we have forgotten our life mission, lost our focus or quenched our passion, now is the time to remember and renew our commitment to the cause of Christ.

General Questions:
1) What is the Great Commission about?
2) What is the connection between Jesus’ statement that “all authority in heaven and earth has been given to me,” and his command to “make disciples of all nations”?
3) What are the two actions that making disciples consists of?

Perspective Questions:
1) What is the difference between the mission that Jesus has given us and charity work or other good causes?
2) What are some fears or concerns that Christians commonly face in making disciples? What are some new concerns or fears because of the pandemic? How do Christians resolve their difficulties?
3) How does being a disciple-maker help us to become better disciples ourselves?

Application Questions:
1) How can we make disciples wherever we are right now in light of the new norm that we are in?
2) How has the new norm changed the way we make disciples? What are some things that remain and some things that need to change? What do we need to reinforce or replace in order to be effective in disciple-making today?
3) Disciple-making takes place in a communal setting. Discuss how the LG can be more intentional or effective in their efforts to make the LG a more conducive place for discipleship to take place.