Pressing The Reset Button For Marriage & Family

6 September 2020
Jason Wong

Mr. Jason Wong, Chairman of Focus on the Family (Singapore), shares how our faith can impact our relationships with our loved ones. Because of Jesus’ sacrifice for us on the cross, we can reset our marriages and parenting for the better!

Parents and Children

1) What may motivate parents to raise their children according to their expectations and preferences, rather than according to how God has designed them? What are the consequences of parents trying to make their children in their image?
2) How can we help our children to develop their unique gifts and talents? What are some ways we can do so?
3) How can we communicate to our children that they are valued beyond their performance (in school etc)?
4) As Christians, how should the things we prioritise when we raise our children be different from that of pre-believers? What are some difficulties we might face in doing so? How can we persevere through these difficulties?
5) How can we support the fathers in our midst to lead their families spiritually?
Husband and Wife
1) We need to invest in our marriages regularly. What may hinder us from doing so? What are some ways in which we can invest in our marriage?
2) What are some areas in which we need to work things out with our spouse? What are the attitudes we ought to have as we work things out?
3) Marriage is a symbol of the relationship between Christ and the church (Ephesians 5:31-33). How does this truth shape the way we think about and approach marriage? How does the Christian idea of marriage differ from that of the world? Discuss.
4) The cross is central to finding forgiveness and healing within a marriage. How does the cross shape the way we approach conflicts and differences in our marriage?
God and Man

1) God created every human being in His image. What implications does this have on our relationship with God? How does this affect the way we relate to one another?