Promise Keeper [1/2]: In The Face Of Evil

11 December 2023
James Lim, Pastor

Series: Promise Keeper
Title: In The Face of Evil
Text: Matthew 2:13-18

Jesus, the promised King and Saviour, arrived on earth not to cheers and applause from men, but to murderous threats on His life. What can we learn from Jesus’ difficult childhood that will help us to hold onto God’s promises even in the face of evil?

Perspective Questions:

  1. Evil stems from human selfishness – humans do what they want even when it violates God’s will and hurt others. In this sense, all of us are capable of evil. What then, can help us to resist evil and live righteously?

  2. When bad things happen to good people, we are understandably confused and even angry. In such times, what are some promises from God that we can hold onto that can help to deepen our faith?

Application Questions:

  1. Who can you think of needs to know that God is a faithful God even in times of trouble and uncertainty? How can you bring this truth to this person?

  2. God kept His promise to send Jesus to the Cross to die for the sins of the world. Because of Jesus’ sacrifice, we can be right with God and live with Him for all eternity. This is our hope, even if we have to struggle through life! How can we tell those who feel hopeless and helpless that the King has come for them to save them and give them the hope of an eternal life with God?