Promise Keeper [2/2]: Against All Expectations

18 December 2023
Yam Chien Meng

Series: Promise Keeper
Title: Against All Expectations
Text: Matthew 2:19-23

God always keeps His word, but He often does so in ways that defy human expectations. The question is, will we still trust Him when He does not act according to our plan or schedule?

Perspective Questions:

  1. What is a promise of God that you always hold on to? Is it found and based upon the Word of God or based on fine-sounding inspirational philosophies? If it is based on the Word, what are some assumptions you have about how God will fulfil them? What will help you to persist in believing and holding on to them when expectations and reality do not match?

  2. What are some past experiences or weaknesses that cause us to doubt that God delights to work through us? How have these affected our confidence in God? What assumptions about God do our doubts reveal? What do these assumptions show about our understanding of God’s character? How does learning that God works through people the world despises help us in addressing these assumptions and doubts?

Application Questions:

  1. Who are the people in your life that you tend to despise or shun away from? What assumptions do we have of them that cause us to despise them? How can you look back at the example of Christ and be encouraged to bring the message of salvation, hope and love to them this Christmas? What is something you can do to bring them one step closer to Christ this season?