The Call Of Discipleship

31 May 2020
Jeff Chong, Senior Pastor

1. Deny Self

In making the decision to receive Jesus into our lives, believers recognise the old sinful selves that ought to be crucified and put to rest. What is this old self that you left behind when you became a Christian? Share some recent experiences of God speaking to us to deny ourselves in our life situations. Why would some Christians struggle to deny the self? What helped you to choose obedience?

2. Take Up Cross

While it is common for Christians to wear a cross as an accessory, its real significance lies in the choice to bear the cross in our hearts on a daily basis. What does taking up the cross mean to you personally? How has this influenced the way you lead your life? Think and share some ways we can remind ourselves to make this decision daily.

3. Follow Jesus

Jesus surrendered Himself to the Father in every situation, doing only what the Father wills. Reflect on the various reasons why Christians may find it difficult to surrender to God. Share one time you chose to submit to God – what made you do it and how has it impacted you? What could be some areas God wants believers to surrender to Him today? Surrender comes not from coercion but from a trusting relationship – how can the community encourage one another to trust God that He knows what He’s doing?

True surrender is a joy when we realise we are handing over control of our lives to Jesus, in exchange for a life that is truly life. Make a commitment as a Life Group, to continuously spur one another on in this journey of denying ourselves, taking up the cross and following Jesus all the way till the end of the race.