The Church (2/2): The Church Is The Body Of Christ

24 July 2021
Dennis Loh, Pastor
Series: The Church
Title: The Church is the Body of Christ
Text: Romans 12:3-8
In a world that is becoming more individualistic and isolated, how can we continue to come together in unity to serve one another and people around us?

General Questions:

1) God not only saved us but also placed us in a community where we can be rooted and grow. What do you think are the benefits of being part of a community? There could be times when being in a community can be challenging (for example disagreement, discouragement). What are some challenges that you can think of or have personally encountered?

2) In Romans 12:4, the body of Christ is described as many members forming different parts of a body. They serve different functions but are part of one body and belong to one another. How does this image help us to understand God’s idea of the Church?

Perspective Questions:

1) Spiritual gifts are God’s empowerment for His people to do His work. What do you think the church will be like if every member fully exercises his/her gift to serve? Conversely, what if some do not play their part?

2) Are there hindrances or fears that keep you from serving? What are they? What encouragement can we get from God’s word and promises?

Application Questions:

1) Think about the gifts that God has given to you.  Are you using them to meet the needs of others and build up the body of Christ? Are there tangible ways that you can serve?

2) What are the ways that your LG has supported one another during this pandemic? How do you think you can serve one another more?