The Heart Of Tithing [1/2]: The Heart Of Tithing

18 March 2024
Jeff Chong, Senior Pastor

Series: Finance
Title: The Heart of Tithing
Text: Various passages

Holiness should permeate to all aspects of our lives, including how we view and treat our finances through the practice of tithing. What does the Bible say about tithing? How does the spiritual habit of tithing aid us in our spiritual life? How can we practice biblical tithing given all our contemporary challenges and concerns?

General Questions:

  1. If a working adult cites personal financial commitment as why he does not buy insurance coverage, what would be your advice to him? Would you give the same advice to a believer who is not tithing regularly?

Perspective Questions:

  1. From Leviticus 27:32, we see that tithe is “holy to the Lord”. What message is a believer sending when he does not tithe?
  2. Isaac Newton said, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”. Our church is built on others who had contributed to God’s Kingdom with their time and tithe. What do you think are the ways our tithe can resource God’s work both locally and globally?
  3. How has tithing faithfully increased your dependence on God? Think back on your past experiences and share how this has helped you in your spiritual journey.

Application Questions:

  1. For some of us, tithing might be such an ingrained practice over the years that we may think little of it. Take time to reconsider the reason you are tithing. As you do so, share what God has placed in your heart about your personal reason for tithing faithfully.
  2. Are there some good practices in tithing that some LG members can share? How can we build a safe space for us to be accountable to one another about our tithing?