The Wonderful News

6 December 2020
Timothy Yeo, Pastor

Title: The Wonderful News
Series: The Wonder Of Christmas
Text: Isaiah 61:1-2

Is the good news wonderful to you? Or perhaps it makes you wonder what’s the big deal at all. Join us to hear why this news radically changes our lives.
1) The Good News of Freedom (V1)

• What makes it difficult for people to recognise their spiritual poverty?
• Where or how do we recognise the spiritual poverty in our own lives? What are some signs of our spiritual poverty that we may have ignored or failed to recognise?
• The Bible reveals the gospel – good news for our spirituality poverty. What makes it challenging for us to take the Bible as good news and not simply good advice? If we hold to the Bible as good news for us, what is one area of obedience it challenges you in today?

2) The Good News of Reconciliation (V2)

• What is the year of the Lord’s favour? How do you think it relates to us as Christians today?
• When we accept Jesus’ gift of freedom, we also reconcile our relationship with God and have His presence. What are some things that stop us from believing we have God by our side? What could you do to cultivate a more intimate relationship with God?