Therefore, Go [1/2]: The Good News For All People

3 May 2024
Jeff Chong, Senior Pastor

Series: Therefore, Go
Title: The Good News for All People
Text: Acts 11:19-21

The Antioch Church had humble beginnings but eventually became a key missionary base to the surrounding regions. What can we learn from the Early Church from the beginnings of the Antioch

General Questions:

  1. What caused the news about Christ to take hold among many who heard it? What does this passage show us about the early church’s understanding of God’s role in evangelism? How does this influence our understanding of evangelism today?

Perspective Questions:

  1. Having certain preconceived notions or even stereotypes of people from different cultures can contribute to our hesitance in bringing the gospel to them. How does know that God is a global God help in addressing our reservations?
  2. The early church demonstrated that it was possible to live for Christ and His purpose in all circumstances. What are some personal circumstances (e.g. poor health, stretched finances) we are currently facing that can hinder us from living for Christ (including preaching the gospel to others)? What is God encouraging us to surrender to Him today? What would living for Christ amid these circumstances look like?

Application Questions:

  1. The hands and the heart are connected. What is one practical step you can take to develop our heart for missions? What is one step the LG can consider embarking on together?
  2. Think about the different relationships and interactions we have in our lives. Which of these are cross-cultural? How can we build bridges with these people that God has placed in our paths?