Surprised By Christmas (1/2): The Crisis Before Christmas

8 December 2019
Daniel Tan, Executive Pastor

Title: The Crisis Before Christmas
Text: Matthew 1:18-25
Series: Surprised By Christmas

We are often caught by surprise when disruptions occur. Yet God oftentimes places disruptions in our lives for His purpose. How can we learn from Joseph’s life to similarly respond in obedience?

1) Compassion when facing Disruptions

When you were surprised by a challenging and unexpected situation, how did you respond? How can you evaluate whether that is a good response? As you step forward into future circumstances, what are your reference points and considerations as a believer?

What does it mean to respond in compassion? What are some things you can do to help you respond to these challenges differently?

From the Book of Matthew, Joseph chose to respond in light of personal righteousness and with grace. How do our choices and actions show the world that we are different as believers? Do you think this is important? How so? How can the life group remind each other to act with compassion and live out our faith in Christ?

2) Obedience when participating in God’s purposes

Just like it was for Joseph, obeying God’s purposes often comes at a cost. What is something you have been called to obey? If it is hard to follow, why is it so? What are some ways to consider whether it is ‘worth it’? How can the community assure and remind one another of God’s purposes to take the step of obedience?

At decision crossroads, we benefit from wise biblical counsel from fellow believers. Who do you seek for counsel on such situations? How do you evaluate if this is good counsel? How does knowing Jesus change the way that you seek counsel, and ultimately, take a step of obedience?