Truly Madly Deeply [3/3]: Deep In Loving

22 April 2024
Daniel Tan, Executive Pastor
Series: Truly, Madly, Deeply
Title: Deep in Loving
Text: Song of Songs 8:5-7
How does love in marriage look like? Love in marriage expresses itself in faithfulness to each other, reliance on God’s empowerment and transcendence above earthly values.
General Questions:
  1. If an electronic device is broken, do you prefer to repair or buy a new one? In an affluent society, we are used to discarding rather than fixing stuff. How does this mindset influence our view of relationships and marriages?
  2. In today’s society, people do not like the idea of commitment. What do you think are the reasons why people may shy away from commitment in marriage? What does it reflect about what these people value?
Perspective Questions:
  1. Why do you think God values marital faithfulness so much? What does it reflect about Him and His desires for us?
  2. Why is accountability in our marriage important? Are there specific boundaries we may need to set to safeguard our marriage? Are there pastoral leaders whom we can choose to be accountable to?
Application Questions:
  1. For married couples, it is difficult for us to die to self and love our spouse sacrificially without God’s empowerment. What is one challenge in your marriage that you need to ask the Holy Spirit to empower you in? Think of a specific example and commit to allowing God to change you.
  2. For couples, what is one practical step you need to take together to strengthen your marriage? Some possible ideas include:
    – Taking up a love challenge (e.g. 40 Day Fire Proof Love Challenge)
    – Setting aside a “date night” weekly
    – Praying for one another regularly
  3. For courting couples and singles, drawing close to God before marriage will prepare us to weather storms in our future marriages. What are some practical action steps we can take to draw close to God?