Undecided (2/2): YOLO | You Only Live Once (Adult)

25 October 2020
Yam Chien Meng

Title: You Only Live Once
Series: Undecided
Text: Mark 10:17-22

You only live once – so how should you live your life right? How do we guard against the subtleness of spiritual complacency that can deviate us from the goodness of the Lord? Let this message encourage us to let go of our safety nets to pursue God and delight in the treasures of heaven.

1) I wish that God will validate my lifestyle (v17-20)

What is your picture of a ‘good’ Christian life?
How do you think you fare according to this picture?
God’s will in your life may differ from the picture in your mind and the lifestyle that you desire.
What are the areas of God’s will revealed in Scripture that you are learning to understand and contending to obey?

2) I am reluctant to let go of my safety nets (v21-22)

Do you think God’s will demands too much from your life? How so?
Because we ‘only live once’, we may create safety nets for the life that we desire. Wealth was a safety net for the rich young man.
What are some safety nets we have created that makes us undecided in following God?
Because we ‘only live once’, we can live for God. What are some godly aspirations in your life as you live for Him?