Ways Of A Disciple (2/6): Beyond Restraining Desires

25 October 2021
Jeff Chong, Senior Pastor

Series: Ways of a Disciple
Title: Beyond Restraining Desires
Text: Matthew 5:27-30

When we want things that we know we are not supposed to have, we try to control or suppress our desires. But this does not mean that we are content. How can we find true contentment?

General Questions:

1) In Matthew 5:27-30, Jesus teaches that the law points towards a higher standard that is marked by internal attitudes. Based on Jesus’ emphasis in this passage, what do you think Jesus’ definition of true righteousness entails?

Perspective Questions:

1) Covetousness can be so seductive that it makes us believe that we must have the thing we desire, otherwise our lives will be incomplete. Think of your peers in the same life station as you. What are some things that are commonly coveted by people of your age group? Why are these things desirable? As a Christian, how would you handle this differently from your secular peers? Why?

2) We can be content in any and every situation through Christ who gives us strength (Philippians 4:10-13). How does this understanding address and challenge the ways we deal with our desires? What would we do with desires that are unmet in our lives? Why?

3) Beyond restraining our desires, we must be decisive and be willing to take extreme measures when dealing with temptation and sin. What are some reasons why we might be hesitant to be decisive and take extreme measures when faced with temptations? What does this reveal about the condition of our hearts?

4) We sometimes veer away from accountability because we do not want others to infringe upon our private life. What does this show about our understanding of living in a Christian community? What are the long-term implications that this mindset will have on ourselves and on the church?

Application Questions:

1) Think of a situation in which you know you will be tempted to sin. What are the measures you can take to decisively flee from temptation? What would help you to choose these measures more often? How can the LG help you to be victorious in this area?

2) Think: what are some areas in your life that you would need to be accountable in today? What is one step you can take to be accountable to your LG/mentor etc in this?

3) How can we help one another to choose lasting joy over instant pleasures? Are there verses or stories we can share to encourage one another who may be struggling with unmet desires?