Holy Spirit The Enabler Of Our Victory (2/3): When We Need Power

20 September 2020
Jasmine Poon, Executive Pastor
Series: Holy Spirit The Enabler Of Our Victory
Text: Acts 14:1-7
Fulfilling the Great Commission is a daunting task that no one can accomplish by one’s own ability. We need to be empowered by the Spirit. What can the Spirit empower us to do and how can we live a life of power? Find out how the Spirit can enable us to participate in ministry breakthroughs and wonders for God’s glory and purposes.
1) Holy Spirit enables us to minister beyond the limits of our flesh (Acts 14:1-3)
When was the last time you experienced the empowerment of the Holy Spirit as you minister to both pre-believer and believer? How do you think we can be used by the Holy Spirit and expect to see signs and wonders in our ministry? What role does obedience to the Holy Spirit play? What usually hinders believers from obeying the prompting of the Holy Spirit?
Instead of focusing on man’s opinions of us, what should our focus be? How can we develop the right focus? Pastor quoted Carrie Ten Boom that “if God sends us on a stony path, He provides us with strong shoes.” When was the last time you felt inadequate as you serve God? How does knowing about the Spirit’s empowerment encourage you to keep serving God despite how you feel about your inadequacy?
2) Holy Spirit enables us to stay focused in the pursuit of God’s purpose (Acts 14:4-7)
What may be some things that may distract believers from staying focused in the pursuit of God’s purpose? What can believers do to help themselves stay focused? There will be times when we will go through problems and challenges when we live out God’s purpose for our life, just like how Paul and Barnabas faced many challenges in their ministry. What do you think kept them going in the midst of hardship?

Could you remember a time when you felt overwhelmed by challenges and difficulties as you serve God? Why is it important that we go back to God’s word and rely on the Holy Spirit during those times? What role do you think your Life Group can play to encourage one another to continue to pursue God’s purpose?