We His People (3/4):Work Out With His Power

21 June 2020
Jeff Chong, Senior Pastor
Title: Work Out With His Power
Series: We His People
Text: Phil 2:12-13

Popular phrases such as “let go and let God” could give the wrong impression that, in the believer’s journey of faith, one can wait for God to act without doing anything. What is the right way to view God’s role and our responsibility in working out our salvation?

Discussion Guide:
1) Spiritual growth takes places through community. What are some things that believers do that might hinder the community from helping them in their spiritual growth? How can the LG support or encourage one another to work out their salvation?

2) Why do you think both right believing and right living are important Which do you think believers tend to struggle with more, and why? Right believing should lead to right living. What steps would you take to grow in each of these aspects?

3) We see a virtuous cycle of God initiating grace, our obedience in response to God’s grace, leading to assurance and more obedience. What are some things that tend to stop or discourage believers from taking the step of obedience? How can knowing that God is at work in you assure you to obey Him?