The church faced years of spiritual stagnancy despite their efforts. But God spoke to Hope Chile that He would show up, and they gave their best shot for one more year.

Divisions and scandals in the churches of Argentina have caused many Christians to be discouraged. Revival came when God met the needs and transformed their lives in and through Hope Argentina.

It is common for people in Africa to seek miracles more than a personal encounter with Christ. But God heard the cries of His people and opened doors for them to bring His light into darkness.

There are thousands of churches in India, yet only 2.3% of all Indians profess their faith in Christ. Amidst the cacophony of religions and culture, God’s plan for His church prevailed through Hope Chennai.

May was abandoned by her mother when she was a baby. God not only heal her hurt and insecurity, but also empowered her to start His church in the schools of Bago City.

With its 40-degree weather and poor infrastructure, Isabela is a place where most would abandon at first chance. Yet God worked through a single lady who left her city life for this land.