Title: Church in Victory

Discussion Guide:

1) The world attempts to define us through many means. “How much do you earn?” “What company are you working for?” “What school did you attend?” How can we ground our identity to be ‘in Christ’ (2 Cor 5:17) and securely live for Him?

2) Our relationship with God is the victory we have received from Jesus’ death on the cross. The almighty God knows us, and we know Him. Yet, as we navigate life, our eyes and ears may take reference from other sights and voices. What are the things that draw our attention? What can we do to cultivate our relationship with God, building intimacy with Him?

What do identity and intimacy have to do with a victorious church?
As we continue to live in victory from the Cross, discover from the life of Jesus how these two aspects were foundational to His ministry on earth.

Hide and Seek

Discussion Questions:

1) Some of us ‘hide’ from God. We may want to go our own way apart from God or feel ashamed of our sins. Yet, God seeks us out through the person of Jesus. The Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.

Where are you today? How is your relationship with God? Wherever we are, God seeks us out. Share with your community how you are relating with God and where God may be leading you. They are one of the means by which God seeks you out.

2) We can hide in the Lord and seek Him. He is our refuge and our strength. He is also our treasure, that we can delight in. (Matthew 13:44) On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your own delight in Christ?

What is behind your answer? How can we nurture our delight in Christ who is worthy and not let the routines or ‘duties’ of being a believer become a chore for us?

It’s easy to hide from God when we are ashamed with our sin or want things our way. Yet God doesn’t play hide-and-seek with us – He seeks us out even when we hide from Him.

Even in the midst of our struggles and distractions, how can we seek God and hide in Him?

Parenting is a journey of love and joy, peppered at times with uncertainty and challenges. How do we navigate through these challenges and be purposeful Godly parents to our children?

Title: Purposeful Parenting

Parenting is a journey of love and joy, peppered at times with uncertainty and challenges. How do we navigate through these challenges and be purposeful Godly parents to our children?

Honouring our Parents
Deut 5:16

As we spend more time at home and with our families in the Circuit Breaker period, how do we use this season to strengthen our familial relationships? Let’s learn what the Bible teaches us on honouring our parents and how we can practise this command in every season.

Discussion Questions:

1. What are some difficulties we have in obeying God’s command to honour our own parents? How can we continue to honour them despite these difficulties?

2. When God gives a command, He expects us to obey even though we might not fully agree with nor understand His reasons behind it. How does knowing this affect how we respond to God’s command to honour our parents?

3. Obedience has its limits, in that we should respectfully disagree with our parents if they expect us to go against God’s commands. Have you ever been in a situation where you faced a tension between obeying God and honouring your parents? How can you continue to obey God and still respect your parents in this circumstance?

4. The sermon gave us a few suggestions (e.g. fellowship, affirmation, contribution) on how we can honour our parents. What is one way we can start practising today?

5. God knows it might be hard for us to obey our parents at times. We might also feel overwhelmed from managing the different family responsibilities and commitments we have (e.g. caring for ageing parents, bringing up our own children). How does knowing that God is watching out for us help and sustain us in doing so?

6. How does upholding God’s command to honour our parents contribute to the formation of a stable family and society? Discuss.

Joyful. Painful. Loving. Disappointing. Close. Drifted.
What is family really supposed to be like? In the good, the bad, and everything in between, how do we make sense of our family experiences and chart a path forward?
Join us as we look at life under one roof, navigating family relationships, and tapping into the potential of our families.
In times of uncertainty and fear, how does knowing that Jesus is our Hope, change the way we navigate life?
Discussion Questions:
1) Because He promises resurrection in our future (v23-25)
What are some fears that we have in our lives? Or concerns that emerge in this current environment?
How do you view death and what does it mean for you?
Through the troubles of life, we are secure that our loving God is with us. We do not have a wishful hope, but a firm hope for resurrection found in Jesus. This is a powerful assurance in the face of the struggles of life, and even death itself.
2) Because He gives eternal life in our present (v26-27)

The Apostle Paul describes that “to live is Christ and to die is gain” (Phil 1:21). If we view death through the lens of Christ, how will that change the way we view our lives today?

Does the way you live in everyday life reflect the eternal life that Jesus has graciously purchased and given to you?

The COVID-19 virus has impacted our economy significantly. Singapore downgrades 2020 economic growth forecast indicating a possible downturn.

Lucas Chow is no stranger to challenging times. During the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, he was the CEO of MediaCorp and was asked to lay off at least 10% of the staff. Hear how he navigated through life’s uncertainties and what he holds certain as anchors for his life.